Optimax Fastrac HQS80 High Speed Fully Automated Strapping Machine With Arch 550x400mm



The optimax branded HQS80 is an innovative world class high speed strapping machine designed for high volume users. It is capable of up to 60 straps per minute, as opposed to 35 straps on the AFS900 and 27 straps on the TRS600. The HWS80 is also equipped with all industry standard and additional operator-friendly safety features. The HWS80 is designed for strap widths of either 5mm or 12mm (always pre-set to 12mm unless otherwise specified). The arch size on the HQS80 is 550x40mm. The main features include:

– German brushless motor technology
– Reliable low maintenance strapping head
– Tool free access to strapping head and strap guides
– Waist height coil change
– Auto strap feed and auto strap ejector
– Adjustable table height (820-920mm)
– Lockable swivel castors
– High-level control panel
– Integral foot bar switch

Full specifications as below:

Model Type – Optimax HWS80
Use – Fully Automatic High Speed Strapping Machine
Dimensions – 1200mm (w) x 652mm (d) x 1425-1525mm (h)
Arch Size: 550mm (width) x 400mm (height)
Strap Width Required – 5mm or 12mm
Strapping Speed – 1 second / cycle
Power Supply – 240v / 50 Hz (single phase)
Power Consumption – 500W
Tension – Strapping tension range of 1kg-45kg
Machine Weight: 167kg


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