Optimax VMAX3 Air Pillow Void Fill Pillopax Machine



This is for the outright purchase of a brand new Optimax branded Vmax3 pillopax machine. This machine uses high performance optimax air pillow film rolls as well as general purpose pillopax film. Perfect for use as an alternative to loose fill / void fill / pre-inflated pillows and extremely compact (desktop size) – saving on storage. There is no minimum spend on air pillow film rolls required, as this is for the outright purchase of the machine.

Technical specifications of the machine are below:

Dimensions: 320mm x 400mm x 360mm
Weight: 13kg
Speed: 15 metres / minute
Film Sizes: 200mm x 200mm & 200mm x 100mm

Features and benefits include:

– Portable, compact, rugged design – only 13kg
– Very simple and easy to use controls
– Suitable for 200mm x 200mm and 200mm x 100mm Pillopax film
– 15 metres per minute
– Reliable, consistent pillo throughout

Warranty: This machine comes with a 12 month manufacturer return warranty. In the event of a breakdown (which is extremely rare), simply send the machine to the manufacturer and they will repair and send back to you. An on-site warranty is available at additional cost if required of ?395.00 for most areas – please enquire for further details.


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